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Growing up in the 1980s, being influenced by popular acts like Depeche Mode, Simple Minds and Talk Talk, Vladrumetz predominantly creates electronic music. The fascination for producing electronic tunes has been there ever since he got his first Yamaha keyboard at the age of seven years.

“I actually remember those days when I was a small kid sitting alone in my room and experimenting with all kinds of weird sounds which I squeezed out of that instrument“, as Vladrumetz himself explains his roots. Over the years he has further refined his methodology for designing astonishing soundscapes, melodies and song structures, which often stand out from usual productions. In the meantime, Vladrumetz makes use of a broad range of different digital synthesizers for assembling his thoroughly conceived records.

“As somebody who just makes music as a hobby, I`m not following any commercial rules or intentions. But I love it to generate sonic atmospheres which reflect the mood that I've been in at the time of writing and transmitting all the emotions that I feel when playing my songs. With my music I can transport my emotions much better than with words“ (Vladrumetz once being asked on his motivation for producing music)

So, Vladrumetz does neither stand for commercially orientated mainstream complaisant music, nor does he ignore nowadays songwriting techniques. He understands pretty well, how to build picturesque tonal bridges between the world of modern pop music and elements that can rather be found in alternative scenes such as darkwave, eclectic synthpop, electronica or deep house.

For those, who have never heard any music from this artist so far, should find a good starting point by listening to his album "Dead End Street (2017)". With the title YOU ARE SO KIND from the album SLOW AWAKENING he has received the strongest media attention to date. That song has been played for several weeks on multiple fm radio stations in the USA and Canada. Bigger clubs in California, Russia, Romania, Bulgaria and Hungary did report that they have been playing this track quite often.


New Single "Cha Cha Cha" (Official Release Date: 28th February 2024)

Vladrumetz has already been active in this current year 2024 with his small parallel project entitled Olivarus Contambano (or Olivárus Contambáno very precisely pronounced). You might already know the Contambano song "Not Enough", for example, which Vladrumetz also presented on the LIVE and DIRTY 2023 album. Now he is back with a really danceable and catchy track. The new song is called CHA CHA CHA and it's actually about dancing. You can find more information on the website olivarus.rf.gd

New EP "IN ANOTHER WORLD" (Official Release Date: 17th November 2023)

Finally, there is a new VLADRUMETZ record coming out on November 17th. It features five new VLADRUMETZ songs, although you might already know the piece "World Number Five", which had appeared before in a LIVE version. "I think the way that these new pieces are written and produced is probably more reminiscent of my very first records such as SLOW AWAKENING than the ones I had released most recently. I felt like I somehow had to start writing new songs again in my old fashioned style. But anyway, all I can say is that I pretty much like the outcome and that I`ve had a lot of fun while creating and composing those new pieces". (the remark of the artist when being asked for giving a statement on his latest work)

You can listen to the song NEVER THE END by clicking the video below.



This EP also features the single NEVER THE END.
Official Release Date: 17/11/2023

In Another World
01. Farewell Pain (3:24)
02. Breakup (4:03)
03. Brave New World (4:13)
04. World Number Five (4:13)
05. Never The End (3:46)

Watch the official music clip of BREAKUP

Listen to the first time radio airplay for NEVER THE END on Norwegian and Scottish radio stations


After one year of no release from Vladrumetz (2021), the new single Undaunted Pride appears right at the beginning of 2022. The song has a very danceable groove and multiple radio stations have already reported first airplays, as they seem to like it. The second song which is featured on this Maxi CD is called RESTLESSNESS.
Official Release Date: 28/01/2022

Hold On
01. Undaunted Pride (3:59)
02. Restlessness (3:27)

Watch the official music clip of UNDAUNTED PRIDE

HOLD ON (2020)

Actually, the song HOLD ON is nothing completely new. It is a track on the LEAVE ME ep (song no. 4). However, this version is a very nice reprise, which already pleased to some public radio editors. "The Beat" in Sweden was the first radio station to play the newly arranged version of HOLD ON to a bigger audience in the Stockholm area. Phoenix FM, BMS Radio Network (Chicago) and a few smaller stations followed soon afterwards. Most incredibly, HOLD ON even jumped into heavy rotation airplay in Panama: "Hit FM Latinoamerica" played it multiple times per day, (so far, 57 times in total) for a period of about 2 weeks. You can go here for viewing the station`s playlist from end of May 2020.

Official Release Date: 19/06/2020

Hold On
01. Hold On [Reprise] (3:23)
02. Stay the Night, Part III (3:59)
03. Unleashed (5:30)
04. Come and See Me (3:23)

Watch the official music clip of HOLD ON

LEAVE ME (2020)

LEAVE ME is an EP scheduled for release in late February 2020 and it contains five tracks. The second track "Sunrise" will also appear on a popular EDM sampler featuring "Various Artists" very soon!
Official Release Date: 28/02/2020

01. Leave Me (3:34)
02. Sunrise (3:06)
03. Hunt a Ghost (3:44)
04. Hold On (4:14)
05. Superpowers - LIVE (4:12)

Watch the official music clip of LEAVE ME


SUPERPOWERS is an EP scheduled for release in November 2019 and it contains four tracks. The cover picture for the record was taken in the year 2008. If you want to see some latest video footage, please check the newly added material below.
Official Release Date: 22/11/2019

01. Superpowers (3:40)
02. Down on Me (4:53)
03. My Orbit (3:41)
04. Like A Rolling Stone (3:58)

Watch the official music clip of SUPERPOWERS

Listen to DOWN ON ME here...

OUTLAW (2019)

OUTLAW is the first Vladrumetz record of the year 2019 and it comes with three brand-new songs.
Official Release Date: March 1st 2019

01. Outlaw (3:19)
02. Heavily Swirled (3:10)
03. I Go Downtown (5:21)

Watch the official music clip of OUTLAW


Step Back in Time (2018)

STEP BACK IN TIME was the last Vladrumetz record of the year 2018 and it came with two tracks.
Release Date: 30/11/2018

Step Back in Time
01. Step Back in Time (4:51)
02. Felt Alone (3:19)

Short interview:

WM: Congratulations to your new record, Vladrumetz! It`s really two amazing tracks.

VD: Well, thank you. I`ve worked pretty hard on them.

WM: Let`s talk about the title track. What`s the story behind STEP BACK IN TIME?

VD: It`s basically about reflections. Reflections on my life, to be more precise. You know, I think now and then you should forget about your everyday tasks, troubles, doubts, problems, challenges, fears... whatever drags you down to a level of uncomfortableness. You must never forget that the life you are given is a unique gift, it`s unimaginably precious and extremely valuable, if you try to make the best out of it. You know, slowing down betimes and being grateful for what you could already experience is a good remedy for me to put into perspective the things that make me angry.

WM: That`s interesting. What does make you angry these days?

VD: Due to my relaxing attitude which I assumed during the last ten years, I would say almost nothing anymore. You know, being angry is just a waste of energy. At least, it doesn`t help you to solve any kind of problem. In the meantime I`ve started to always see the good aspects, even in bad things that might happen to you. This change of attitude and evaluating occurrences really helps me a lot to remain the person that I truly want to be.

WM: The B-side FELT ALONE is an awesome track as well. What can you tell me on this?

VD: Yeah, it`s probably the best B-side on a Vladrumetz SINGLE release. I`m very proud of having written this song. Well, what shall I tell you... FELT ALONE is also taking a look back at times in my past which have not been dominated by mere sunshine and happiness. For me, writing and making music is always some kind of therapy. This is probably the biggest driving force, my real motivation why I keep sticking to this fantastic hobby. Being able to express myself in an artistic way is such a rewarding pleasure to me... I`m very grateful that I`m still able to do such things on a level that it`s still enjoyable to me.

Step Back in Time

Watch the official music clip of STEP BACK IN TIME

Watch the official music clip of FELT ALONE

Know Me Well (2018)

KNOW ME WELL is the third Vladrumetz album and it comes with eleven songs.

Know Me Well
Watch some exclusive rehearsal footage recorded in June 2018

It`s VLADRUMETZ rehearsing his new 2018 live setlist. Featuring six brand-new songs from KNOW ME WELL, you can also expect such great surprises like GOING INSANE, LONG TIME WAITING and GOTTA GO.

Watch the official EPK for the album KNOW ME WELL...

01. You Know Me Well (6:57)
02. Where Do You Go (6:35)
03. The Way I Love You (4:58)
04. Completely Deranged (4:00)
05. Strange Thoughts Walking (3:31)
06. Win This Race (5:05)
07. My Angel (5:16)
08. Where I Wanna Be (4:39)
09. Another Side (4:03)
10. Hold Me Now (5:11)
11. So Well (10:42)

Neue Luft - Cover von CLUESO (2018)

Eine weitere Überraschung in der 2018er Setlist entpuppt sich in einer herrlichen Coverversion des Titels NEUE LUFT.
Originalversion: Clueso

Completely Deranged (2018)

COMPLETELY DERANGED is the preview single of the album KNOW ME WELL.

Completely Deranged
01. Completely Deranged (Radio Edit) (3:11)
02. Wild River (1:57)

I`m with you (2017)

I`M WITH YOU is the second EP and it comes with four brand-new songs.

Cover With YOU EP

01. I`m with you (3:14)
02. My only star (5:14)
03. Calling (5:07)
04. Ich kenne nichts (4:39)
05. I`m with you (original edit) (5:10)

With you... Live 2017

WITH YOU... Live 2017 is a live recording of a VLADRUMETZ performance in August 2017 presenting his latest EP.

Cover With YOU LIVE

01. I`m with you
02. My only star
03. Take me home
04. Feel the night
05. La vida
06. Dead end street
07. The struggle
08. Stay the night, part I
09. You are so kind
10. In a different light
11. Shining star
12. Was es braucht
13. Eine Idee
14. You and me

Feel The Night (2017)

Cover FTN
The first Single taken from the album DEAD END STREET
01. Feel The Night (3:36)

Genre: Dance

Dead End Street (2017)

Cover DES
01. Going Insane (5:29)
02. Stay The Night - Part 1 (5:34)
03. La Vida (3:42)
04. This Side (3:51)
05. Feel The Night (3:47)
06. Dead End Street (4:20)
07. Long Time Waiting (5:47)
08. Stay The Night - Part 2 (11:25)
09. Tight (3:45)
10. Gotta Go (4:04)
11. Follow Me - STN Remix (3:45)

Genre: Electronica
MP3 Stores: Amazon.com, iTunes, Google Play Store and many more
Streams: Spotify, Soundcloud and many more

The Deceased EP (2016)

Cover Deceased EP
01. A Feast For Decease (4:31)
02. The Struggle (4:04)
03. All I Want (3:36)
04. Circumnavigation Of The World (3:13)
05. Take Me Home (3:26)
06. Shining Star (5:27)

Genre: Electronic Crossover
MP3 Stores: Amazon.com, Google Play, iTunes
Streams: Spotify

Take Me Home (2016)

Cover Take Me Home

Genre: Electro-Pop
MP3 Stores: Amazon.com, Google Play, iTunes
Streams: Spotify

Slow Awakening (2015)

Cover Slow Awakening
01. The Entrance Of Vlad (3:55)
02. Leave Your Past (5:27)
03. My Guardian Angel (5:43)
04. Soul In Prison (5:13)
05. Follow The Hiking Path (3:30)
06. In A Different Light (5:10)
07. Only You (4:58)
08. You Are So Kind (5:09)
09. Via Plata (4:13)
10. The Sky Is The Limit (4:40)
11. You And Me (5:36)
12. Lost On My Favourite Way (4:59)
13. Lonely Pilgrim (4:58)
14. Yet Another New Journey (4:14)

Genre: Electronic Crossover
MP3 Stores: Amazon.com, Google Play, iTunes
Streams: Spotify

You Are So Kind (2015)

Cover You Are So Kind

Genre: Synthie Pop
MP3 Stores: Amazon.com, Google Play, iTunes
Streams: Spotify

Auf Draht (2014)

Cover Auf Draht

Genre: Alternative Pop/Rock
MP3 Stores: not available
Streams: Youtube


Special SA-Session November 2015

Vladrumetz appeared in an exclusive live session for Youtube, therein mainly playing songs from his new album SLOW AWAKENING. Moreover you can also expect to hear four additional tracks from his debut work AUF DRAHT. Watch here the full video shot on the 14th of November 2015.

01. The entrance of Vlad (0:00)
02. Am Fluss (4:14)
03. My guardian angel (9:06)
04. Only you (15:11)
05. In a different light (20:14)
06. You and me (25:38)
07. You are so kind (31:37)
08. Wir haben doch uns (37:02)
09. Was es braucht (41:14)
10. Fernbeziehung (46:53)
11. Lost on my favourite way (51:41)
12. Leave your past (57:16)

Feel The Night (2017)

and more...

Easter Monday Broadcast on KISS 104.7 FM (2017)

FM Broadcast on Radio Cardiff (2017)

FM Broadcast on Radio Cardiff (2016)

FM Broadcast on KISS Radio 104.9 (2015)

Review on the single "Feel The Night" (03/04/2017)

"I Go Downtown" appeared on UK radio (29/03/2019)

The song "I Go Downtown" has been played in a UK radio show.
"Phoenix 98FM" is a radio station in East London and South Essex area reaching more than 140,000 listeners. In England, the station is well known due to the circumstance that famous snooker player Ronnie O'Sullivan is working there as a presenter. Vladrumetz has been played there with his latest release in the show "Rising Stars".

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